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October 23, 2008

Game Optimization 101

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In this article we’ll look at the process of optimization.  There’s no single way to optimize a game, but there are optimization methodologies to follow, which will help us prioritize our optimization strategy.

In previous articles we looked at how we can profile parts of our game.  At this point we only know how long sections of our game code are taking.  We haven’t looked into how to use this information to make our game faster.  We need to know how to target the slow parts of our game.

The process of optimization is two parts methodology, one part knowledge and one part intuition.  We’ll start with a simple process and show how it can help us optimize effectively.



October 12, 2008

Game Profiling 102

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In the last article we implemented a simple stopwatch, but didn’t really do much with our timing data other than print it out.  Simply printing out our timing isn’t very helpful either, first of all you can’t always see standard output on a console, and secondly it’s a pretty awkward way to collect our data, we can do much better.

Our goal this time is to design a system that allows us to profile out entire game and display the results in realtime.   We’re not going for detailed performance data, just a high level picture of our game’s performance.  The key goals are:

  • Collect data from each major subsystem
  • Present our profiling data to the user in an understandable format
  • Keep a multi-frame history of our data to detect performance spikes


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