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December 23, 2008

Patterns in Performance: Cache Pressure

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I’ve been mentioning memory and the cache a lot, because proper cache utilization really is a critical to good performance. This time we’ll look at cache pressure – a term that refers to overworking the memory cache with too many or wasteful memory accesses.  Basically putting pressure on the memory cache means you’re wasting time accessing more memory than you need to.  The main cause is inefficient data access, often by using data structures that are too large, or too sparse reducing any benefit from memory locality.



December 6, 2008

How to write a check-in comment in Japanese

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Ok, you find yourself coding in Japan one day and have to check your stuff into source control.  What do you write?  You could just type it up in English, and nobody will complain.  Probably because they’re a little afraid of talking to you.  But nobody will read your English comment, so they won’t know what you’ve been doing, and you’ll have no way of validating all the time you spend browsing YouTube at work.


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