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December 6, 2008

How to write a check-in comment in Japanese

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Ok, you find yourself coding in Japan one day and have to check your stuff into source control.  What do you write?  You could just type it up in English, and nobody will complain.  Probably because they’re a little afraid of talking to you.  But nobody will read your English comment, so they won’t know what you’ve been doing, and you’ll have no way of validating all the time you spend browsing YouTube at work.

So, here’s how you write a check in comment in Japanese. Just like a normal English comment, you start with a spiffy but concise title with details below.  Like

Fixed crash when loading level 3

  • Character was loading the wrong file

So you can pretty much just translate that literally to



It’s really not much different from English, you just need to know the proper vocab. Here’s a simple list of the common “editing” words. I’ve provided then English and roman-character translation, which you don’t need if you have a proper browser with a proper plugin.

日本語 ローマ字 English
修正 shuusei fix, correct メモリシステムを修正した Fixed the memory system
更新 koushin update キャラテクスチャーを更新 Updated the character textures
追加 tsuika add, append 飛ぶモーションを追加 Added the jumping animation
削除 sakujyo delete, remove 不要コードを削除 Removed unused code
バッグ baggu Bug バッグを修正 Fixed the bug
ハング hangu hang, freeze, crash 敵を作成するとハング The game hangs when creating an enemy
落ちる ochiru fall, fail, crash レベル3ロードのときゲームが落ちちゃった The game crashed in level 3
戻る modoru return, revert 前のバージョンに戻る Revert to the previous version
調整 chousei adjust, tune 武器ダメージを調整 Tuned the weapon damage
設定 settei setting, configuration, setup ネットワーク設定を更新 Updated the network settings
機能 kinou functionality, feature セーブゲーム機能追加 Added the save game feature
アップ appu up, upload 更新したデータをアップ Uploaded the new data

Obviously, you still have to know what you’re changing to describe it, but that’s another problem entirely. These form the basic structure for your comment and are used all the time.


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