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July 16, 2009

Asset Management – Content

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We’ve already looked at the runtime and processing layers of asset management, now we’re ready to look at the most involved and complex layer – the content layer.

This is the layer where the content producers – artists, level designers, sound artists,  anyone who creates game content truly interfaces with the game engine. At this level we’re not just dealing with runtime data – we need to manage digital content creation (DCC) tool data, such as PhotoShop PSD files, Maya files, etc.  In addition to custom data types produced from in-house tools or game engines.

This layer is all about how content creators use and interact with data and the game engine.  The key components of this layer are:

  • Asset tracking and versioning
  • Tool integration and workflow



January 31, 2009

Game-Tool Communication

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Modern games are extremely content heavy – most of the people on a game team are part of the art or design departments.  The larger a the team get the greater the portion of content producers becomes, and the trend will only continue.

So what does this have to do with game systems programming?

The more content you game has the better your tools have to be.  The best tools are robust, efficient and as seamless as possible.  The key to a seamless workflow is close integration with your tools and game engine.

There are basically two ways to accomplish this:

  • Direct integration of the game engine with the tool
  • Remote integration via a communication layer


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